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I started training with Lozo and the Iron Cards Fitness & Training team a little over a month a go. From day one,  I could see the motivation and determination from members and it really felt like a community. Lozo makes working out fun and educational. He makes sure that we are all accountable in our fitness journey and I for one am so glad I joined ICFT. I am looking forward to seeing the progression in my health and fitness journey and am grateful for Lozo and the ICFT community for the constant support  - pushing one another towards a shared goal. We got this!!! 


- Janine M.

When I first joined ICFT 4 months ago, my main goal was weight loss. Not only have I reached my goal but I got so much more then I expected! The trainer is so knowledgeable and takes the time to answer any questions or address any concerns. The ICFT team is a community of amazing people who support, motivate and hold each other accountable which I really needed throughout my journey! I’ve also tried different programs like the “eat your weight out” challenge which helped me to be more mindful of the different foods I was consuming. I would definitely recommend joining team ICFT!!!!


- Natica N.

Joining team ICFT has become a blessing. Lorenzo makes a thorough workout enjoyable and fun. I have noticed I am now addicted to the process and progress of losing weight and building confidence.

- Jeanmarie N.

Lozo you saved me during Covid- thank you! Anyone who is interested in a great workout where you can see results in a short period of time should definitely join ICFT! Thank you for your support, great sense of humor and making virtual workout a great experience!  

- Mabel M.

For a person like myself who deals with hormonal imbalances.. I have tried everything you can think of to lose my weight. I saw my friend Erika’s transformation and something in me told me to give this a try. Literally one of the best decisions I ever made! Lozo isn’t just a trainer, he’s a motivator, a positive being that reminds you and pushes you. 2 months in so far and I’m down 20lbs. I still have more to go, but once I meet my goal, I’m going to continue working out to maintain. Team ICFT is not just a team, we’re a family. Thank you Lozo!

- Engie M.

My experience with TeamICFT has been nothing short of amazing and REAL. TeamICFT has been a game changer in my life. I have lost 16lbs in 3 months. No gimmicks, REAL results. Lozo pushes, encourages, and motivates you every single step of the way. I have had such a great experience with TeamICFT and most importantly, I feel GREAT!!! Can’t wait to reach my next goal!!!!!!!! 

- Joselyn H. 

Joining ICFT was by far the best decision I made in 2020! I lived what I would consider a pretty health lifestyle prior to having my first child. As most moms experience, finding balance between all of the day to day can be extremely challenging.  I subconsciously skipped out on working out. It didn’t take me long to figure out giving up came with a high price. I felt sluggish most of the days, tired carrying my own child and I was extremely unhappy with my decision of giving up on my own personal self care. One afternoon I made a choice and never looked back, I reached out to ICFT! I didn’t even want the trial membership. I had already seen REAL RESULTS, my friends who had join weeks before looked AMAZING and I wanted in! Now, I’ve lost the weight and my body is getting stronger. Most importantly I look forward to my work out with ICFT. We laugh together, we sweat together, and we motivate and empower one another. Thank you ICFT family! 


- Jenny R.

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